MOISTURE: A garment or sock must be able to handle the amount of sweat being produced by the body and continuously move the moisture away from the skin; in order to allow the body to continue its natural cooling action through sweating. The material must also “dry” very fast to avoid “wetting out”.

PTFE is extremely hydrophobic; thus wicking will occur very fast (as drying); but it will also be high performing for not “wetting out” like most products on the market today. Because PTFE is very hydrophobic; NanoGLIDE® will conquer wicking, wetting out and moisture management; at maximum speed.

Fabrics with NanoGLIDE® will allow heat/moisture generated by the body to escape through; or on the fabric into the surrounding atmosphere. Nothing dries faster.

Heat: Heat Management is the ability of a fabric to allow the skin surface to cool; but to also address heat caused by static and kinetic friction. PTFE's coefficient of FRICTION is 0.1 or less, which is the second lowest of any known solid material known to man kind; eliminating Static and Kinetic friction; thus allowing the skin surface to stay cool by eliminating friction and abrasion on the skins surface.

NanoGLIDE® will yield a cooler product on the skins surface by eliminating abrasion and friction.