What is PTFE NanoGLIDE® Technology.


++What are the benefits of NanoGLIDE® technology when used in apparel and socks?

There is a large demand for performance fabrics and socks that provide multiple benefits in one product. To date, these performance features have largely been obtained through finishing fabrics or washing socks with various chemical additives.

In some cases, there are multiple finishing stages which end up costing additional dollars and sacrificing hand /aesthetics/performance and time. NanoGLIDE® fiber/fabrics were developed to provide multiple attributes (Hand-Loft-Softness-Evaporative Cooling/Moister Management-UV Protection-Friction-Abrasion-Heat Management) that are permanently in the fiber and will not wash out.

++Do mills need to process NanoGLIDE® technology differently?

No. Unlike other products used in the market today that must be handled in a certain way to keep the particles active throughout the finishing process; NanoGLIDE® PTFE particles are active and change nothing for the manufacturer. NanoGLIDE® fibers are natural or “white” in color; thus our fiber or fabrics can be easily adjusted for seasonal color changes in apparel or changes in sock colors. The PTFE particles will change nothing for a manufacturer beyond providing the mill extreme flexibility to be creative with the products they develop for the consumer.

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